A Simple, Lightning-Fast Setup

Get up and running in seconds (seriously).

We know that you're keen to start capturing warm leads ASAP. So we've made setting up DriveChat super easy.

All you have to do is:

  1. Sign up here
  2. Check your email for instructions and a few lines of JavaScript code
  3. Copy and paste code into your website
  4. Start chatting with your customers

No technical skills required. Scout's Honour!

24/7 Live Monitoring and Real-Time Reporting

Capture leads all day and night, even while your team is asleep.

Our team will monitor your site activity 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. When your customers are ready to enquire, we'll be there to answer their questions. Plus we'll collect their contact information and send it to you in real-time so your sales professionals can follow up. We'll never let a potential online lead fall by the wayside.

DriveChat gives your website visitors personalised attention at any time of the day, guaranteed.

Lead Capturing Made Easy

Live chat windows can increase online lead volumes by up to 30%.

Your website shouldn't be a passive source of information. It should be like your live showroom: busy, lively, and staffed with customer service experts to respond to customer enquiries. A live chat window makes it really easy for customers to get in touch with your sales team – far easier than a phone call or an email.

DriveChat gives your visitors exactly what they want: immediate answers and personalised attention.

Monthly Progress Reporting

Learn about your customer behaviour with in-depth analytics and reporting.

Every month we'll send you a comprehensive report with user data on:

  • # of interactions
  • # of leads captured
  • Average chat response times
  • Top performing webpages
  • Top referring pages
  • Daily and hourly usage rates
  • Key business enquiry times
  • Highest-volume days

Plus we'll give you a detailed list of all your leads captured throughout the month, so you can be 100% sure that you're not missing any opportunities.

Use our in-depth customer intel reports to help your business grow.

Self-Managed or Full Service Live Chat Monitoring Options

You have the option to take control of your online chat at any time.

Want to handle your own chat enquiries during business hours? No problem. Our flexible software lets you to add ‘self-managed operators’ who can engage site visitors in real-time. Simply log in to our web client and you’re ready to chat. When you’re finished, just log off and our operators will immediately take back control. Take control when you need to. Log off when you need us to take the wheel.

Fully Customisable Scripting

You know your customers best. We're here to deliver your message your way.

Our operators are trained customer service professionals, but we understand that you might have unique sales tactics and brand messaging. We'll work with you to make sure that we send the right message to your customers. We'll send you a questionnaire so we can learn about your business and understand the answers to common questions that your customers might have. We also make it easy for you to change your message at any time.

If we get asked a question and we don’t know the answer, we'll be sure to take down their contact information and get in touch with your staff immediately so you can follow up.

Our goal is not to replace your team, but to become an extension of it.

Design Your Own Live Chat Window

Choose a design that matches your unique dealership branding.

Our fully customisable chat windows give your site visitors a seamless, personal experience. You can choose from a full range of design options, or customise any aspect of the design to suit your needs.

Change your colour scheme, adjust window size/shape, and add your logo to your live chat window.

Proactive Chat Invitations

Get even better results by initiating the conversation.

With the DriveChat software you can set up automated and customizable chat prompts that trigger based on user behaviour. For example, you can customize prompts based on which webpage is being visited. This allows you to provide more relevant customer service and demonstrate that you’re available to help. It also helps prevent reluctant visitors from navigating away from the page before interacting with a sales agent.

Sometimes your visitors just need a little nudge.